About tealhockey.net

tealhockey.net (www.tealhockey.net) is an ice hockey website created by Jasper Kozak-Miller in 2019.

Over the Boards | @overtheboards

I started Over the Boards, a first-of-its-kind scouting and news website where I reviewed the college hockey recruiting landscape, in 2012. Looking to provide authoritative, responsible coverage of recruiting and youth hockey, I traveled the country and promoted many of the top American ice hockey prospects while managing a staff of scouts across North America and Europe.

In addition to covering the pre-professional scene in-detail I helped put together a summer tournament, the 2015 Teal Invite, which featured dozens of future Division 1 players and numerous NHL prospects. Over the Boards is under the tealhockey.net umbrella.

BEAST Border Showcase (Rochester, NY)

October 19-20. See this link for schedules and more information.